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Fun for friends

A fun radio for me and my friends and family, please note my last computer has crashed and I have lost EVERYTHING so any requests to rebuild my library is so appreciated. I hope you have fun and enjoy the music we like. Not sure how much more text I need to put here but yeah while I'm at it make sure to hit the play button.

Radio Dashboard

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You may want to check our schedule for upcoming Broadcasts.
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16 hours ago
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No problems! This radio is small and private and not in competition with anyone, I do this for fun with the people I know for all of us to enjoy ourselves and listen to what we want when we want and that's it. If you don't like it don't listen, freedom for us just like it is for you

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No idea what a footer block text is so let's just go ahead and say that this is another weird text area, if you don't get it yet we're just enjoying ourselves

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